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Sea the weed

Together we are looking to raise $1M by selling 2000 Sea the Weed hoodies to reforest Sydney's coastline.

Buy a hoodie

It's $500 to purchase a Hoodie (use the contact form to nominate a price over $350) - we are looking for the first 2000 sales from corporate Australia to purchase this compostable, made from seaweed Hoodie and to move closer to the target of $1M to reforest Sydney’s Coastline.

Why is it so expensive?

The seaweed is harvested from the sparsely populated fjords of Iceland, in a gentle, selective, and sustainable process, which only removes the part of the seaweed that is able to regenerate.

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Get involved

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Welcome to Sea The Weed,
A project to spin up a Sea Weed Hoodie to reforest Sydney's coastline and showcase a model for how we can thread together systemic change.

The objectives for the campaign are a few

a) Bring the Seaweed fabric into the mainstream and start to bring the price down and popularity up with healthier fabric & supplies for our manufacturing industries.

b) Kick start the regeneration of Sydney's beaches by raising $$ for Operation Crayweed to Reforest the coastline

c) Provide a case study for the world as to how we can start to reforest our oceans with imagination and coming together with a common thread, hoodie by hoodie if we need to.


How much are we looking to raise?

$1 Million for Operation Crayweed - 100K per year for 10 years to reforest Sydney's coastline including X number of beaches


Does AIME or Regen Australia or Surfers for Climate take a $$ cut?

No - we are doing this because we want to address the inequity we are facing and improve life on earth for all of us


How much does it cost to make the Hoodie?

To make it compostable and from the Seaweed Yarn and make 20% of it Seacell costs $250 Aus to make. 


How much are you selling them for? And how?

1) It's a made-to-order campaign, we have a baseline target of $100K worth of hoodies sold before we'll press go on the order. 

2) We have shaped the campaign so there are three options for people to order pending their wealth capacity:

a) $500 is our benchmark price to raise as much as we can for Operation Crayweed

b) We have created an avenue for people to nominate directly a $350 order or $400 order if they can't afford it (use the contact form below if you would like to submit an order)

If you sell 2000 Hoodies at 500 will that raise 500K instead of the 1M needed?

Yes, it will bring in 500K for Op Crayweed and in parallel, we'll be working with corporates and government to look to support Operation Crayweed to reforest the coastline. Our goals are phased:

a) Get 1 year of work funded

b) 5 years of work funded

c) The full 10 years funded


Let's get together and see what we can weave for Sydney's coastline and the ocean at large across the world



We started this thread watching our friend Damon Gameau film 2040, and we were stunned to see the power of Seaweed. In 2020 when the pandemic hit we turned our whole organisation into an online TV show, IMAGI-NATION{TV} to bring people from around the world together and imagine the future - then build it. Damon joined us and challenged us all to act. We then made a Seaweed film - our founder and his family did it at home during lockdown. And we started the journey to make a Seaweed Hoodie. We found our new friends in Spain (Pyratex) and we hosted a Making of a Hoodie Podcast to design the seaweed hoodie with founder of Pyratex Regina Polanco and former mentees Milla Morgan and Lily Thomas-McKnight and Damon. The challenge became following this design session to think about what the Hoodie could do to change the world. We found another new friend, Operation Crayweed and decided to try raise 1M to reforest Sydney Harbour. Following this we caught a wave with our pals Surfers For Climate who committed to rock it with Surfers around the world to help Surf clothing brands unlock the power of Seaweed.

Sometimes nature needs a helping hand 

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 ‘Crayweed’ (Phyllospora comosa) once formed dense beds on shallow reefs all along the Sydney coastline, but sometime during the 1980s it all disappeared!


Crayweed can either be male or female and their sexually produced craybies attach permanently to the reef, forming the basis of a new, self-sustaining population.


This loss of underwater forest went unnoticed and unreported in the scientific literature until 2008, when Coleman et al. published an article...

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The Sea the weed hoodie

IMAGINE every coastline around the world alive with FORESTS leaping with colour cleaning the OCEAN. 

Regenerative life.

Imagine if you could drive across the bridges of the WORLD over and say to your kids, I re-built that forest down there.

And you did it by buying a HOODIE.



That raised $1M to reforest Sydney's coastline. And give an example to FORESTS around the WORLD.

A HOODIE that your want to keep with you for a lifetime.

And pass on to your kids.

A common thread, a weave, a spark from a time of fear.

To a reality of HOPE.

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" just that circular economy sort of thing, how it's growing. It comes into a hoodie and then it just goes back to the earth."

"I feel almost like the messaging behind the hoodie will be key. Whatever we make on the hoodie, somewhere on it, it has to say, "This hoodie is made from seaweed."

"A lot of what we do is about documenting problems and understanding why they happen...but with this project, what we were really excited about was actually finding a solution."

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Regen Australia

Operation Crayweed

Surfers for 

This Hoodie Grows Underwater Forests-low (1).gif

 Operation Crayweed

This Hoodie Grows Underwater Forests-low.gif

Surfers for climate

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“We found that some male red seaweeds will release millions of sperm when there is less salt in the water and at high tide,” Dr Wilson says. “The sperm travel on water currents to the female seaweed and attach to tiny hairs.  The sperm then inject their DNA into the hairs and fertilise the egg which is found at the base of each hair.”

Dr Wilson describes the first time she saw the sperm enter the female hairs as: “very beautiful – so precise and ordered. And it all happened at the microscope level where most of us never get to see it.

“Heaps of sperm land compete with each other to get to the egg at the bottom of each hair,” she says. “It’s a bit like watching a nightclub scene.”

The southeastern coast of Australia has the largest number of red algae species in the world, and they are found in every type of aquatic environment on earth.

Dr Wilson has won a “Science as Art” prize for the exquisite nature of her microscope photography.

Taken from


Seaweed sex

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Seacell technology


PYRATEX® seacell fabrics are made with seaweed-based fiber. It has an anti-oxidative capacity which eliminates free radicals while caring for the wearer's skin.

The seaweed comes from the Northern Atlantic and has anti-oxidant properties certified by European laboratories. 


Seaweed is pure and rich in essential substances such as vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, and minerals. The skin’s natural moisture level enables an active exchange of these substances, activating cell regeneration, which in turn can help relieve skin diseases, reduce inflammation and soothe itchiness.



The seaweed is harvested from the sparsely populated fjords of Iceland, in a gentle, selective, and sustainable process, which only removes the part of the seaweed that is able to regenerate.


Seaweed fiber is carbon neutral, produced in a closed loop, with no chemicals released as waste, exclusively from sustainable raw materials – wood and seaweed – using methods that save both energy and resources. 

The seaweed is washed, dried, carefully ground, and added to eucalyptus wood cellulose NMMO solution: The positive properties of seaweed are permanently preserved within the final fiber, even after multiple washing cycles.

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