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Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Welcome back to Making of a Hoodie. This episode weaves through conversations about what it means to be a Global Ambassador of Equality and how we pass down deep knowledge from one generation to the next generation. Jack Manning Bancroft digs deep into the critical conversations with Steph Beck, Eddie Uni, Nia Lewis, Menaka Wijesinha, Aston Hawkins-Nicholls, and Abby Prades.

Check out the highlights video below and catch some vibes before you jump into the podcast.

We ask you to take off your shoes, find a quiet corner in nature, and feel the ground with your bare feet. Come with us as we lean into the question... What are Indigenous systems thinking? What is being a Global Ambassador of Equality all about and how can we change systems to leave a strong impact and lasting legacy for humanity?

Welcome to MOAH Episode #3 - The Ambassador Hoodie

“In today's episode, we are focusing on making a hoodie about Ambassadors, about Ambassadors of equality, about people that stand up to be mentors and try and see change through their own imagination and then go out and do it and make it come to life. And I'm very excited today to be able to have the chance to hang out with Steph Beck, who has become a pretty serious ambassador in the AIME world.” - Jack mb, aime founder and ceo


If you haven’t had a chance to meet Steph, yet – she is Australia's first Aboriginal Vice-Chancellor of AIME’s IMAGI-NATION{University}.

"Seeing this relational network unfold while building, shaping and guiding it has been such a life-changing experience. The UNCx5 Groups allow for complexity, depth in knowledge exchange and joy, I think these connection points are a unique combination that helps us build those bridges between the imagining and the doing. The different perspectives the Ambassadors allow me to think through have by far been the most valuable thing I’ve gained this year, it’s generated so much hope within me that so many people understand the need for this type of community and self-directed learning." - Stephani Beck Vice-Chancellor IMAGI-NATION{University}

Listen to the podcast


Catch up on some happenings at IMAGI-NATION {University}

Dominic Connor - IMAGI-NATION{University} Teacher, Australia

Northern Illawarra AECG Deadly Encouragement Award' recipients from last week. Leo left, Mia middle and Felix right.

"One of my students was incredibly reserved and disengaged during the first semester of the year. This semester he has grown in confidence exponentially. In particular, he often comes back from his AIME lessons and talks with great passion and excitement about the ideas and thoughts raised. During the 'Shred the Shame' lesson, he lead many conversations and was very brave, vulnerable and wise in the things he shared. As a result of his growth this term, I have nominated him for a local Deadly Encouragement Award."

I’ve been running mentoring sessions with, my students here at the Boys and Girls Club. We've been working on collaborative art projects and it’s been beautiful to see how the young people embrace change and growth. No matter their age, no matter their gender or the languages that they speak, they all have that open dialogue at the creating table. All these kids and they're listening to each other actively. This space… they opened it. I am just facilitating it.


Sabina Dzihic - IMAGI-NATION{University} Teacher, Australia

"These are some of the fun happy faces of our students at our Imagination Factory this year!"

"As a teacher, it's part of my job to build bridges. We build bridges between ourselves and the students, the students and the world, students and other students, and between ourselves and our colleagues. I think that if we weren't trying to create connections we would fail as educators. Everything and everyone are connected in some way but it is just a matter of finding that bridge and removing whatever it is that is stopping us from connecting in meaningful ways... I guess that's why I kind of think it is part of my job.

I delivered a few lessons at the very beginning of the program, but I do plan to do them again now that I have an even better understanding of the action library.

Creating connections is one of the ways we can work to solve major problems in the world."


Check out all the connections and vibes at our Graduation for the 2021 cohort of IMAGI-NATION{University} Ambassadors of Equality.


Show your support for the Global Ambassadors of Equality by purchasing the reversible hoodie below!

Sponsor a Vice Chancellor of IMAGI-NATION{University} for a year with a framed hoodie!

Got a question about the {University}?

Email Steph at

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