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This Hoodie makes CO-CEO's

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Welcome to Episode #1 of AIME's Making of a Hoodie (MOAH) podcast.

If ya missed it, the premise of MOAH is - let's find a systemic challenge, weave a solution that works within and beyond the AIME system, creating short-term and long-term systemic change.

Welcome to MOAH Episode #1

This is Hoodie is for Co-CEOs....

AIME’s Co-CEO model is plugging a node of young, diverse talent directly into the leadership and boardrooms of our organisation, has been around for five years now.

Rhian Millar, CO-CEO Australia

Rhian Miller having been a mentee and later a mentor is now a CO -CEO from Australia.

My name is Rhi Miller and I’m a proud Wirangu, Narranga and Wongi woman.

Just over seven years ago, I graduated from the AIME program as a mentee. On that same day, I applied for a casual position to run the program and was told to come back once I had some life experience and to seek out mentors that could assist in my own growth and development.

AIME taught me, as a kid, to never accept no as an answer, to fight for what I believe in and to challenge the societal norms around me. So I did just that… and I got the job. I can hand on heart say 17 year old Rhi had no idea what was in store when she put her hand up to say ‘I can lead at a young age’.

Throughout my time at AIME I’ve been fortunate enough to learn on the go, to see challenges as opportunities for growth, to be thrown curve balls, to navigate uncharted waters and to stay connected with AIMEs vision and purpose; so let’s see what we’ve got in store for the next 3-5 years.

At the end of this year, I hope to look back and know that I’ve been a great example of what young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids can achieve. With 60,000 years of genius and imagination in our hearts and minds, I want the kids to know that we do not need to be defined through a lens of disadvantaged or labelled as limited. That we have the freedom to write a new story and that our potential is limitless.

Vhutali Nelwamondo - CO-CEO, South Africa

Jacqueline Twillie - CO-CEO, US

Shyaka Farid Lwanyaaga - CO-CEO, Uganda

Now is your chance to shift you and your organisation to think and recruit differently and positively.

To bring together your executive team to support the growth and development of individuals who have been seen as ‘unlikely leaders'.

To open up opportunities to an extraordinary and diverse talent pipeline.

To set high expectations and support all to succeed (and embrace failure along the way)

This isn’t an internship - it’s so much more and thus the title is suggested as a Co-CEO.

The biggest impact that you can make today is to get your hands on 1 of 4 signature edition CO-CEO hoodies. There are only 2 of each hoodie in circulation (one goes to the CO-CEO).

Contact us today to be matched with an AIME legend who will walk you through the $60,000 sponsorship opportunity.

If you have specific questions or just wanna connect with a human email and Ben will be back at you asap.

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