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Making Something Outta Nothing

In a small town an hour and a half south of Sydney Australia, we met the passionate students, teachers, and the principal of Dapto High School. We celebrated with the school and all the elements that make it such a special, secret place. Dapto High School is a beacon of forward-thinking, positive education and collaboration that believes in an ethos of "convince not command." The Principal highlights the importance of the school being welcoming to their students, and how creating a strong school can help Dapto become a welcoming, safe neighbourhood. Join the staff and students as they talk about their school, embracing our shared history and their hopes for the future and head to to purchase the second-ever Hero Hoodie designed by the students at Dapto High School.

The podcast centres the conversation on breaking through the barriers of marginalisation.

By activating the intelligence of a culture that has been around for more than 60,000 years we can break the cycle of disadvantage. Dapto High school provides a blueprint of how this is possible. Everybody should know the history of the land we are on, the Aboriginal history and the importance of Aboriginal education. Dapto High School is in the Dharawal Country and stands on the shoulders of the Indigenous people, by recognising their origins, it’s important to understand their history.

What does it mean to be from a stolen generation?

Dapto High School created an Indigenous space in the school, to create a safe space to escape from the classrooms when needed. The school celebrates the history of Aboriginal culture and education, inviting in their friends, and communities and working on it as part of daily school life.

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